TopLine's Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations

Indulge in a kitchen transformation that marries style with functionality. At TopLine Home Construction, we redefine culinary spaces, turning dreams into reality. Experience the art of kitchen renovation – where your vision takes center stage.

 Crafting Culinary Excellence

TopLine's Kitchen Services

Embark on a culinary journey with TopLine Home Construction's kitchen services.

Our commitment goes beyond construction; it's about orchestrating a symphony of design, precision, and functionality to create kitchens that transcend the ordinary. From envisioning your dream space to the meticulous execution of every detail, discover how TopLine transforms kitchens into culinary masterpieces.

The Topline Process

It's Demolition Time!

Out With The Old In With The New!

1. Preliminary Assessment

Begin your kitchen transformation with a comprehensive assessment, identifying elements to preserve or modify.

2. Utilities Shutdown

Ensure a safe and efficient process by disconnecting gas, water, and electrical connections.

3. Fixture Removal

Bid farewell to old fixtures as we systematically dismantle cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

4. Flooring Liberation

Elevate your space by removing existing flooring materials, setting the stage for potential subfloor modifications or new installations.

5. Wall Transformation
(if needed)

Explore possibilities with potential wall modifications or removal to accommodate fresh layouts or structural changes.

6. Debris Clean-Up

Maintain an organized workspace by efficiently disposing of debris, leaving room for creativity.

7. Site Prep

Transition smoothly into the next phase with a clean canvas, ready for the installation of new elements.

Kitchen Framing

Crafting a Solid Canvas

1. Structural Blueprint

Design a foundational blueprint for stability and functionality.

2. Wall Construction

Precisely construct walls for a cohesive and sturdy framework.

3. Open Concept Design (if desired)

Enhance spaciousness with thoughtful modifications for an open feel.

4. Window & Door Framing

Design a foundational blueprint for stability and functionality.

5. Support Structures

Design a foundational blueprint for stability and functionality.

6. Plumbing and Electrical Framework

Design a foundational blueprint for stability and functionality.

Kitchen Plumbing

Precision in Every Connection

1. Layout Planning

Strategically plan the plumbing layout to optimize functionality.

2. Fixture Connection

Ensure precision in connecting fixtures for seamless operation.

3. Appliance Integration

Integrate plumbing lines seamlessly with kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Electrical

Illuminating Every Culinary Corner

1. Power Distribution Planning

Strategically plan power distribution for optimal functionality.

2. Lighting Design

Craft an illuminating atmosphere with thoughtful lighting design.

3. Outlet Placement

Ensure convenient and accessible placement of electrical outlets.

4. Appliance Wiring

Meticulously wire kitchen appliances for efficient and safe operation.

5. Safety Compliance

Prioritize safety with adherence to electrical codes and regulations.

6. Inspection and Testing

Conduct thorough inspection and testing to guarantee a reliable electrical system.

Kitchen Insulation

Sealing in Comfort and Efficiency

1. Material Selection

Choose insulation materials for optimal thermal efficiency.

2. Installation Precision

Install insulation with precision, ensuring a snug fit for energy efficiency.

3. Moisture Barrier Implementation

Integrate moisture barriers to safeguard against potential damage.

Kitchen Sheetrock

Smooth Surfaces, Lasting Impressions

1. Material Application

Apply high-quality sheetrock materials for a smooth and durable finish.

2. Seamless Wall Integration

Ensure seamless integration of sheetrock for a polished look.

3. Joint Finishing

Achieve perfection in joint finishing for a flawless appearance.

4. Surface Preparation

Prepare surfaces meticulously, creating the canvas for your kitchen's transformation.

5. Durability Enhancement

Enhance durability with attention to sheetrock application techniques.

6. Quality Inspection

Conduct a comprehensive inspection to confirm the sheetrock meets quality standards.

Kitchen Flooring

Grounding Your Culinary Haven

1. Flooring Material Selection

Choose flooring materials that align with your kitchen's aesthetic and functional needs.

2. Precise Installation

Install flooring with precision, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing surface.

3. Subfloor Preparation

Prepare the subfloor meticulously for a stable foundation.

4. Customization Possibilities

Explore customization options to personalize your kitchen flooring.

5. Durability and Maintenance Focus

Prioritize durability and ease of maintenance for a long-lasting flooring solution.

6. Quality Assurance

Design a foundational blueprint for stability and functionality.

Kitchen Cabinets

Elevating Storage and Style

1. Design Consultation

Collaborate on a design that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

2. Customization Options

Explore customization possibilities to tailor cabinets to your specific needs.

3. Quality Craftsmanship

Craft cabinets with precision and quality materials for lasting durability.

4. Optimized Storage Solutions

Design cabinets with a focus on maximizing storage efficiency.

5. Seamless Installation

Install cabinets seamlessly, ensuring a polished and cohesive kitchen look.

6. Quality Assurance

Conduct thorough checks to confirm cabinets meet stringent quality standards.

Kitchen Paint & Finish

Culinary Elegance in Every Brushstroke

1. Color Palette Selection

Choose a color palette that compliments your kitchen's overall design.

2. Meticulous Application

Apply paint with precision, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

3. Protective Coating Application

Enhance spaciousness with thoughtful modifications for an open feel.

4. Seamless Integration with Cabinets

Design a foundational blueprint for stability and functionality.

5. Final Inspection

Conduct a final inspection to confirm the painted surfaces meet quality standards.

6. Culinary Elegance Unveiled

Experience the unveiling of culinary elegance with a meticulously painted and finished kitchen.


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Top Of The Line Outcomes
I have used and recommended Topline many times to great outcomes. Bathrooms, additions, and anything building, this company rocks it out while maintaining a professional appearance and clean work environment.
Chadwick Briedis
Reliable, Consistent, Top Quality
Dom is an amazing contractor. He not only over delivers his guys cleaned up after themselves every day always taking time to answer questions.
Andrew Boico
Our customer retention rates doubled!
Dom and team were great to work with. Came in with a great plan for my bathroom remodel and everything turned out great. Clean work and the team were great and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.
John Klein
Professionalism, TopLine Quality, Extreme Value!
Absolutely the best of the best! Dom and his team gave us the kitchen and bath we always wanted. Detailed estimate, shows up on time, excellent workmanship and communication, the best price, honest, ethical, and conscientious. (And Dom is a wonderful family man and retired military 🇺🇸)
Just can’t rave enough about them! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kara Fabian
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